Xspeed is an iOS application for customized speed tests. The iOS application serves both consumer and business cases. The application has an internal Cloud/Native server and external ookla servers. The application’s purpose is to perform a speed test using 50 internal servers and 70+ external ookla speed test servers. On the baseline of things, the application is designed to provide users with accurate internet information regarding internet speed. The application will be a live data reporting tool that will allow Telecom clients to analyze and process the data they collect.

Increased efficiencies

Speed test Powered is an efficient way to identify potential network issues, reduce expensive truck rolls and proactively drive customer success.

Builds trust

Verify network performance and improve customers’ quality of service via Speed test Powered integrations; uses a custom version of Speed test & ensures a trusted test experience

Granular insights

Speed test Powered empowers customer care agents’ insight into end-user experiences and assists with ongoing diagnostics for intermittent issues.

Network optimization

On-going insights into network health allow for proactive network optimization and reduced calls to customer care.

Global leader as your partner

Leverage Ookla’s global server Speed test network; best- in-class network performance data

How does it work?

Uses servers to provide a “ping” result alongside download and upload speeds. This is basically a measure of latency, which is estimated by sending HTTP requests to the speed test’s server and measuring how long it takes for a response. Once the speed test is started manually or in a schedule the user will be able to see download speed and the upload speed. The data that is reported to the user will be reported back to the corporation for post processing and analysis to improve the service. There is also a live report status to help with real time trouble shooting.

Speed Test SDK Integration

A customer has come up with a new SDK for both android and iOS to support ookla speed test in other applications.  User will able to automate speed test through this SDK. This SDK provides option to configure user servers for speed test. SDK provide options to configure test iterations. SDK provides options to run test in background and provided options to get results from test while test is ongoing. There Xspeed team want to integrate this SDK to Xspeed Application and run speed test on the speed test server.

Integrating into Xpeed Mobile application was a long-term demand from field engineers for years. One Major reason for this request was to automate  speed test in Xpeed and get more accurate throughput and chip set level data from Xpeed Application.

Field Engineers wants to collect accurate throughput test data along with modem chipset data from Xspeed application simultaneously. Field Engineers want to automate this speed test so that they can run multiple iterations without any user manual interactions.  Field engineers wants to collect live test results and test progress data while test is ongoing. Field Engineers wants to create reports out of these test data and upload it to  Telecom Client server for post processing needs.

Project scope, features & deliverables

  1. Internal single sign on [SSO]
  2. Customized speed test configuration with store details
  3. Integration of 50 internal servers
  4. Integration of 70+ external ookla servers
  5. Integration of 6 streams for Ping, DL, UL speed test
  6. Upload module [uploading, configuration & status-quo]
  7. VPN services add-on [Phase-2]

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