Telco-Device System’s Architecture

Telco-Device System’s Architecture

From automated industrial machines to wearable biosensors, the Internet of Things is changing the way machines interact with machines, systems, and people. Many years of experience and a strong track record of hardware product development and embedded system development allow Procal to deliver innovative and competitive solutions to customers across a wide range of industries. Having a strong combination of computer engineering and software development skills, our team will be supporting the implementation of your project throughout the entire product life cycle.

Physical Links to Digital

Smart Devices: Smart devices have reshaped the business of many companies and initiated technological advances. In addition to working with wireless networks ranging from 2G to LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, we also take advantage of ISM and UWB technology that allows for effective licensed communication.

Acceleration of computer hardware: In some industries, the implementation of the vertical implementation of very low latency technology can be a key factor in business success. Hardware acceleration can be achieved using GPUs, FPGAs, and ASIC / SoC.

Integration and Infrastructure: Product development is not limited to hardware. Smooth integration with software programs and IoT platforms ensures data integration, analysis, and easy and efficient storage.

Integration of computer hardware and mobile applications: Mobile conversion is high on the business agenda. Procal has valuable information for designing custom devices and integrating them with mobile applications running on a variety of platforms.

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