Telco Analytics


Solution built specifically to Telco to measure and track visitors across digital assets such as consumer-facing websites as well as self-service mobile apps on iOS and Android. It provides accurate insights to drive organic traffic to the digital assets.

The telecom industry faces several business challenges, just like any other industry. Here, Telco analytics helps identify and extract useful information of customers from various sources and enables companies to make critical business decisions. 


  • Improved Customer Experience: Detailed analysis can help businesses identify aspects that affect customer experience. Telco analytics helps companies compile and analyze data obtained from various online sources in order to understand the major pain points of their customers.
  • Reduced Cost: By using telecom analytics solutions, businesses can generate customized reports based on what-if conditions and data integration algorithms, thus avoiding unnecessary service calls and personal appointments that may cost a few dollars.
  • Analyze Potential Customers: Telco analytics solutions that improve model prediction serve as an important tool for business success by helping telcos develop new offerings to generate new revenue streams based on customer preferences.
  • Reduced Customer Decline Rate: Telco analytics leverages advanced analytics tools to identify factors or events that impact customer rate. Using such insights, businesses can deploy suitable strategies to prevent churn and improve satisfaction rates.

One-time tracking setup to track basic traffic metrics; specific user journeys; CTAs; and campaign tracking via industry-leading Analytics platform.

Provides Analysis Workspace dashboards for business users to create breakdowns; analyze cohorts; compare segments & view conversion funnels for specific journeys.

Provides search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations to rank the website for key phrases; and app store optimization (ASO) strategies to rank on the app store

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