Social Care


Our Telco specific Social Care tool enables the customer service team to listen & respond to social conversations in real-time.

Telcos have their own challenges to find ways to communicate with customers on social media and create a better customer experience. They are well aware that customers will be more likely to stream to their competitors if customer service is not up to standard or if a product fails to provide them with the right product.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Finding ways to simplify your social media efforts and reducing inefficiencies is no longer a hindrance.
  • Smoothly Manage a High Amount of Messages: With our social care tools that offer smooth customer workflows, talking to your customers and replying in a timely manner is effortless.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty: By taking on customer support through social media, telcos are able to forge closer, one-on-one customer relationships. They can easily identify customer issues and concerns and take matters into their own hands.
  • Max involvement of company: By posting mentions of social media to anyone in the company, employees are easily drawn into the conversation and are able to share their expertise on specific issues.


Enables automated and manual data-gathering to capture, filter and process social conversations.


Organizes and prioritizes the collected data, helping user engagement by giving specific contextual information of the conversation.


Allows direct engagement on social media for providing a solution to customer issues.


Generates intuitive dashboards that provide a rich reporting interface for making business-critical decisions.

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