SNAP – An Automated Mobile Testing Tool

Bridge the gap between the quality your customers demand and your mobile application lifecycle with Snap automation. Snap provides a seamless testing solution for your products to work under any circumstances.

Enabling better applications

Gain Confidence in your application. Snap Automation is an industry leader providing a customer centric solution that enables development, QA, product and networking teams to accelerate deployment cycles with high quality. Snap’s clean 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi environment lets you know when any component of the system degrades or breaks—whether at the code, device, or network layer—Snap works anywhere anyplace in the world on any Android or iOS devices

Purpose: It allows users to wirelessly connect to mobile devices in labs to run tests on the application from the comfort of their homes. The application is cloud-based and allows users to examine and test various metrics in a lab environment. The mobile device is connected to the agent portal at the lab location. It is then accessed through the cloud web platform to be remotely controlled for testing in the lab environment. Large Lab setups are extremely expensive and aren’t realistic for testing environments. Manual testing is an expensive process that can have many delays.

Main Modules:

Lab Sanity:

  • Authenticate lab environments
  • Ensure lab equipment accuracy

5G/4G remote testing:

  • Remote testing application
  • Allows lab testing from the comfort of your own home

Development Process:

  • Create Mockups
  • Hire Developers
  • Build out back end


  • USB Charging Unit
  • Phones (IOS and Android)

The activities to be performed include:

  • 5G/4G device remote testing
  • Worldwide lab testing
  • Application testing
  • Android and IOS device testing

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