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Product Description

Mobile First is a new mobile application that provides an improved and optimized digital experience to our client customers on their smartphone devices. The application intends to make the user experience more elegant using page animations and personalization. The server framework is a set of projects containing common code across MFSS applications. It is intended to be completely overridable and expandable at the project level (postpay, pre-pay).

Offering your customers a new digital experience and ease of managing their services, subscriptions, plans and invoices and transaction history and related reports in a brand new easy to understand and user friendly Mobile application built on latest trending solid principles of User Experience in mind. Signups to data handling, suggesting plans, browsing, alerts, reports, transaction history and much more at just one single place. Save time, energy and resources by converging your multiple data streams to one single node that’s our Mobile First app and let its intelligent database management algorithm take care of the rest for you.

Key Highlights

Once stop app for your customers to manage plans and subscriptions

Your customers (CX ) can easily sign up, login and maintain their own profiles

Old CX registration and migration of their older data on to new renewed platform seamlessly

Intelligent algorithms handles tracking, usage and suggest best and optimal plans for your customers based on their usage limits and history

Payments are handled with superior encryption with automated invoice generation and management tools

Reminders that are crucial for subscriptions ( prepay or postpay ) handled like a pro with our fully automated systems.

Postpay and Prepay customers solutions handled seamlessly with improvised personalized displays and screen animations.

App also comes with a dedicated Chat bot system to easily integrate with social media tools to offer your customers easy self help tools even without the app itself.

Technologies used

Swift programming
Rest and SOAP services
AWS Managed servers
Docker etc.,


Mobile apps ( Android and iOS )
Chatbots for social media

Use Cases for this Product

Use case 1

Build a platform where our client’s customers can access their plan, features, bill, payment information in one place.

Use case 2

Build a Chatbot that can be integrated with a social media platform

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