Managed Services

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Ensuring The Efficiency Of Mission-Critical Processes

With technology permeating every business function, today’s enterprises face the challenge of managing their complex and hyper-distributed IT systems – limited by expertise and/or capable and readily available resources.

At Procal Technologies, we answer this need, leveraging our multi-faceted expertise in IT management services – for business operations and utilities. We implement technology solutions and productivity tools to support and protect mission-critical physical hardware, networks, and supporting applications, reducing maintenance costs, and enabling process efficiencies.

Monitoring To Management – A Proactive Partner

Infrastructure Monitoring

We ensure a reliable and efficient IT environment, by continuous monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure. We set monitoring protocols, configure alerts, and generate reports to provide clients the day-to-day visibility of their IT assets, their integrity & performance.

Remote Infrastructure Management

We complement 24/7 monitoring with remote management of infrastructure with a wide range of support services – OS upgrades, migrations, inicident management, backup management, hardware and software deployments, etc. – supporting end-user functions.

Service Desk

To let your teams focus on core tasks, our teams are available 24/7*365 with support services for critical IT operations. Our service desk brings together a diverse team of experts for incident response and resolutions, ensuring avoidance of business downtime.

Disaster Recovery

Be it natural calamities or equipment failures – disasters can wreak havoc on business operations. Procal Technologies provides a proactive disaster recovery system consisting of planning to cloud-based recoveries, ensuring business continuity.

Enabling Business Continuity & Future Readiness

Reduced TCO

As your MSP, we bring process efficiency and reduce the necessity of investing in developing and maintaining enterprise support teams. In addition, we prevent downtime and disruptions in IT operations, bringing down the total cost of IT operations.

Better Risk Management

Timely and proactive services for mission-critical operation support and problem resolution by following industry benchmarks and best practices help enterprises efficiently manage the risks associated with IT.

Future-ready IT Infra

We continuously update our service practices and benchmarks based on changing industry norms and technology trends, ensuring operational predictability and minimizing service disruption.

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