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Proffering Endpoint Lifecycle Visibility

Tailoring IoT Implementation To Your Needs

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gained significant importance in science and management and holds great value creation potential for public services. This super-promising set of technologies for local and state governments is an emerging one and can be difficult to implement. Procal partners up to make your enterprise IoT-enabled, enabling you to take advantage of the latest technologies like cloud, edge computing and blockchain etc. We aim to revamp your business processes and devise a business strategy for smart connectivity across manufacturing, operations, products and services. With the best global suppliers and providers in the industry, we can help you assess and implement solutions that will give you the ultimate competitive edge.

Extending Your IoT Capabilities

Asset Discovery and Tracking

As the number of IoT devices are on the rise, transforming network security through visibility is essential. Procal asset discovery provides complete network visibility be it Managed, Unmanaged and IoT.

Threat Detection

Agility is crucial while detecting and eliminating data breaches. Further, detecting unknown threats is more challenging for the enterprise defence system. Procal leverages its Threat Intelligence framework to detect and mitigate threats with a two-pronged approach.

Law and Enforcement

IoT enhances law enforcement productivity and improves the system. An IoT network connects uniquely identifiable things to the internet and increases transparency, and removes unnecessary human intervention.

Infrastructure Management

IoT devices offer efficient asset management across all aspects using advanced tools, sensors and networks converged into one platform. It is shared with all the departments and enables teams to utilize the data generated from it in smarter decision-making.

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