Comcast Cable Corporation


What was the project about?

Retail Store Closures/Appointment affected by Covid19

Company Name

Comcast Cable Corporation

Business Type/ Sector



Philadelphia, PA


What was the main issue(s) you and you team were trying to solve?
  • We were getting data in batch processing affecting the reporting to do analysis with day-1 data.
  • We were not able to book the customer appointments or cancel them in real time.


What was the solution and how did it improve the company’s workflow?

From Onprem (Informatica Powercenter / Teradata DWH) we moved into Aws where we started pulling the data in real time. We used services like ( Api Gateway, Kinesis, SQS , SNS,Redshift ) .


What was the end result? Did the company increase efficiency?

Was able to get the data in real time. Whenever store is closed with in less than 15 min, we were able to rebook the appointments.
We were able to get the data of store traffic in real time.