Cloud Application Design & Deployment

Cloud Application Design & Deployment

Cloud application development means building cloud-based applications that can utilize the features of the cloud and the services provided by cloud vendors. On cloud computing, Procal quickly and reliably delivers only cloud applications and cloud applications that utilize all cloud capabilities.

It integrates mobile design and server-side applications with the use of a rich website to produce the development of highly efficient business applications. The development of our cloud-native application includes ERP, CRM, and much more. We may use cloud applications in public, private, or mixed areas thanks to our integration services.

provides end-to-end services to integrate all aspects of cloud applications – cloud application consultation, cloud application development, and testing, cloud protection services, cloud integration with other cloud and local applications, cloud application management.

The cloud applications built under Procal are:

  • Scalable and portable: We split an application into services/microservices and get them containerized to help you minimize downtimes caused by application overload or migration.
  • Modifiable and compatible: We leverage layered architecture, clear separation of concerns (SoC), standardized and well-documented APIs, etc., to make cloud apps easily adopt updates (e.g., conceptual changes, new features) and integrate with other applications.
  • Resilient: We use hierarchies of services, message queues, dynamic scaling, automated recovery, etc., to eliminate the possibility of app failure escalation.
  • Secured: Integrated security at every stage of the cloud app development life cycle and Secure code repositories and build-management programs.
  • Cost-efficient: We select the right cloud services for minimized efforts, timelines, and costs to develop and operate an application

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