AT & T

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What was the project about?

costs increased due to complex services

Company Name

AT & T

Business Type/ Sector



Dellas, Texas


What was the main issue(s) you and you team were trying to solve?
a variety of new products and customized solutions, the operational support services like service configuration, order fulfillment, etc were becoming increasingly complex. These operations require resources and different tools, thereby increasing the financial overhead.


What was the solution and how did it improve the company’s workflow?

The strategic network planning, business planning, long-term structural planning, short/medium-term planning was applied in an iterative way with what-if analysis and also communicated with the related Network Management and Operation Support Processes like traffic measurement, performance measurement, etc.


What was the end result? Did the company increase efficiency?

Base stations for 4G networks were upgraded to 5G with minimum hardware configuration while software upgrade was handled remotely.